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Shanghai Moon

2009-03-07 13:07:10 by MetalJ0se

Just posted a new song, but would just like to point anyone reading this in the general direction of Shanghai Moon as it has gone down rather well with people...


2008-09-16 17:56:43 by MetalJ0se

Sweet. It seems Echoes From The Never (<--what a title :p ) has gone down rather well and earned me a couple of extra fans! Glad people out there liked it. That should keep my Messiah Complex
going for another week at least...

I've got another song that is almost ready, Into The Night (or something like that). It's a bit slower but hopefully just as atmospheric, so hopefully anybody reading this would enoy that too.

'til next time!

A man on a mission...

2008-06-10 17:29:46 by MetalJ0se

Hello all,

Seeing as this is my first post I should probably use it to introduce myself to you, the reader...

My name's Dave, I'm 20, I'm male (what with being called Dave and all), and I live in Southampton, England.

I study engineering at the university of southampton and in my free time like to play guitar, drink inane amounts of alcohol and then go dance like a loon. Over the summer I hope to use the added free time to make some tunes for all you wonderful people and in return I hope you shower me with wonderful comments. Fantastic times are ahead...

If you've found this page then you've probably found one of my subbmissions, thus I would like to recommend you to all of my works. Twilight Interlude has gone down rather well so you should probably start there.

Anyway, hope you like my stuff and I'll try and keep up what good work I've done so far. Laters!